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>> Trusts
>> Administration of Estates
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Wills and Estate Planning

We provide expert advice on:

•    Minimising tax on the passing of assets from one generation to the next
•    Living Wills for medical care
•    Appointing Guardians and Trustees
•    Passing on the family business availing of any possible tax reliefs
•    Dealing with assets outside the jurisdiction


We offer expert tax advice on the establishment and administration of Trusts.
We explain the tax implications of the various types of trusts and the anti avoidance legislation surrounding trusts.

Administration of Estates

We have extensive experience acting for executors and administrators in extracting the necessary Grant of Probate of Administration to allow the personal representative to deal with the assets of a deceased person.
We can advise on who the person legally entitled to extract the Grant is.
We advise on Valuation dates, inheritance tax rates and thresholds and payment dates.
We advise on instalment option of paying tax available in limited circumstances.
We advise on all relevant tax reliefs including Agricultural Relief, Business Property Relief, Favourite Nephew Relief and Dwellinghouse Relief.
We complete the Administration Accounts.
We advise on any double taxation relief for capital acquisitions tax which may be available where tax has been paid in another jurisdiction.
We advise on taxation implication of joint ownership.
We transfer assets including real property to the beneficiaries while complying with all land registry requirements.

Powers of Attorney

We give expert advice on the creation of General and Enduring Powers of Attorney. An Enduring Power of Attorney only comes into effect if and when the donor of the power becomes mentally incapacitated. It allows the Attorney appointed by the donor to attend to the legal affairs of the donor without making application to the Courts for wardship.

Retirement Relief

We offer expert advice on the relief from capital gains tax currently available on the transfer of business assets on retirement. Retirement relief has recently been curtailed and may be curtailed further in the coming years. We can advise of any options available and implement the most tax efficient plan now which could mean substantial tax savings. We advise on the tax relief available if the property is transferred to a family member of sold on the open market.
The current low asset values could be an advantage and we can examine your individual circumstances and advise accordingly.

Capital Gains Tax

We provide expert tax advice on the disposal of assets both in Ireland and abroad. We can advise of payment dates and file a tax return online through the revenues ROS System, on your behalf. We can advise on double taxation treaties if you are disposing of property abroad.

Landlords Tax Returns

If you are the owner of rented property we can assist you in preparing your rental accounts and filing your tax return. We advise on all deductible expenses which are allowed against your rental income. We advise on the current tax relief available through mortgage interest relief and capital allowances. We advise of your obligations under the PRTB. We advise on the Non Principal Private Residence tax and the Household Charge.

Stamp duty

We advise on all aspects of Stamp Duty as part of our property service. Where possible we structure your property transaction to ensure any possible tax relief is availed of.

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